Make the corporate ladder feel like an elevator


Make the corporate ladder feel like an elevator. 

Attending meetings, winning clients and closing deals; it’s all in a day’s work. 

You love to climb the corporate ladder, stick it to the man (and woman) and prove to the office that you’re worthy of that big promotion. But every Career Climber knows that this ruthless rat–race does have a downside (no, it’s not stepping on the toes of those around you). It’s the fact that you may not be able to take a step onto the next rung because your feet are too sore. 

That’s exactly why Scholl, the foot experts, want to give women like you a helping hand (or foot) – a personal assistant if you will, that comes in the form of Scholl Gel Activ™ Insoles for your everyday heels.

Designed specifically for superior support and everyday comfort, these soft gel insoles with built-in arch support will comfortably support your feet through every day and late night. Extra cushioning on the ball and arch of the foot also helps relieve pressure so that you don’t feel any more stress throughout, or at the end of your day.

But before you can turn that corporate ladder into your own personal elevator, you have to know how to use them (and believe us, it’s as easy as your bosses’ decision to promote you). 

  • First you’ll need to insure that the inside of your shoe is clean and dry.
  • Then you’ll have to remove the plastic backing from the insoles and look for the markings that indicate left (L) and right (R).
  • Now it’s time to place the insoles into the correct shoes, sticky side down, starting towards the front of the shoe.
  • Make sure the raised area starts at the beginning of the slope of your shoe (this will be under the ball of the foot).
  • Reposition if needed. 

Now we admit there are other ways to ease the pain of your feet during a regular work day: like taking little breaks while your colleague butters up the boss at the water cooler, or leaving early to work from home. But as the foot experts we believe that if you’re serious about your career and serious about comforting your feet, then make sure that before your next big presentation, you visit a Scholl stockist and you get yourself some Scholl Gel Activ™ Insoles for your everyday heels. 

‘Cause it’s time to go girl! And go… and go… and go…