On the move

Activities that are good for your feet and your whole body too

Step by step

Use your feet, enjoy the scenery, keep in shape and spend time with friends - it's time to go for a walk! Are you ready? 


Foot gymnastics

Help restore strength and flexibility to tired feet in this nine step exercise routine.


Go barefoot

Let your feet breath and the blood flow by walking around barefoot.

Walking barefoot may not be suitable for diabetics.


Disco Diva

Shuffling, stepping and shimmying – name any move, it’s all in a night’s boogie for you.


Career Climbers

Make the corporate ladder feel like an elevator. Attending meetings, winning clients and closing deals; it’s all in a day’s work.



Product hunting, window shopping and aisle zigging; it’s all in a day’s shop for you.


Ten Steps to avoid Heel Pain when Walking

You don’t have to be a budding athlete to suffer from heel pain. In fact, many people accept heel pain from walking as part of their everyday life.